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Nestled at the bottom of the Blue Mountains, Richmond is a fantastic place to live for people of all ages. However, there is something all Richmond residents must remember to do regularly – schedule an annual termite inspection. Blackwater Pest Management, making Pest control Richmond simple.

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What if I haven’t seen any sign of termites?

Just because you haven’t seen noticeable termite activity in or around your home, doesn’t mean they aren’t gnawing away at your home’s foundations. We believe termite inspections are the foundation of home maintenance and safety.

What is a termite inspection?

It is a specialised task requiring the skills of an expert team. If you settle on a cheap quote, or an uninsured or unqualified termite inspector, you’re putting your home, financial security and family at risk.

Our qualified Richmond exterminator team will survey your home, identify the source of the termite infestation, give you a comprehensive report of the problem and discuss how you want to eradicate the pests.

Why do I need a termite inspection?

A termite inspection is an essential step to determine whether your home is infested with termites or other timber-borne pests. Termite inspections are an ongoing part of home maintenance.

The Australian Standard AS3660 recommends a termite inspection every 12 months.

In most cases, things can change around your property that you may be unaware of. This can increase the likelihood of a termite attack.

Where do you look during a termite inspection?

A Blackwater Pest Management termite inspection covers:

  • Accessible internal and external areas of your property’s structure(s)
  • An assessment of the external areas of your property (extending up to 30 metres, or to your property’s boundary line) and;
  • A careful inspection of termite-friendly areas

If you live in the picture perfect Richmond and are searching for a reliable, experienced termite inspector for a pre purchase, or routine inspection, call our friendly Pest control Richmond team today.