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Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains make a perfect place for a weekend getaway. Unless you already live there, in which case your whole life is a weekend getaway. But, there is a downside to the beautiful scenery that makes up the Blue Mountains National Park. More than a stunning example of natural beauty, the Blue Mountains also make the perfect home for all sorts of bed bugs, vermin and backyard pests. When your home offers a plentiful supply of food, warmth and shelter and those creatures of the wild might end up moving in with you for good. When it comes to pest control, Blue Mountains residents turn to Blackwater Pest Management. Here’s what to keep an eye out for.

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Termite Troubles

Unlike pest control for Blue Mountain snakes, termites are not nearly as obvious. Eating the timber within your home, termites consume the interior of your homes wooden structure, leaving a thin layer of timber to maintain the levels of humidity and temperature they prefer. This conceals their activity and leaves you in the dark until it’s too late.

We provide total termite control for Blue Mountains families. Not simply treating already affected properties but also providing comprehensive pre purchase inspections for Blue Mountains homes. The only thing worse than investing in a new home, only to find it has severe structural damage, is to have a Barbecue and a bunch of snakes turn up. Don’t get caught out by unwanted infestations. Our team have the latest technology to provide the lasting termite control Blue Mountains residents need.

If you’re looking for a snake catcher in the Blue Mountains or require a professional eye to ensure your Blue Mountains pre purchase inspection goes ahead without trouble, Blackwater Pest Management are the only choice. Reach out and contact us today to speak to our team and see what we could do for you.