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Whether you live in idyllic Maraylya, backing straight onto Cattai Creek or anywhere else across North-Western Sydney, there’s one thing everyone has in common – we all hate ants! Tiny, disgusting and seeming to appear from nowhere, ants can be a complete nuisance – especially if you don’t know how to get rid of them. Don’t worry, though, because Blackwater Pest Management are ant control experts. For pest control Maraylya homes and business turn to, choose Blackwater Pest Management!

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Say Goodbye To Unwanted Ants

Ants will enter your home for many reasons, including food, water and shelter. Acutely aware of weather conditions, you’ll often see them carrying their eggs up external walls a couple of days before heavy rain.

We start by inspecting your home, to determine where the ant colony is and how much of your home has been affected. Then, we apply a treatment, depending on how severe the infestation is. Worker ants will spread the treatment to the rest of the colony, who will feed on it and eventually perish. Finally, if necessary, we will conduct a follow-up inspection, to ensure your ant problem is completely eradicated.

Environmentally friendly and removal solutions

As ant colonies contain such large numbers, eradication can prove difficult. However, there are many options, based on the severity of the problem. For example, an ant bait treatment will feed and eliminate an ant colony over several days.

Another highly effective treatment is applying a chemical spray to the ant trails, cracks and crevices around your home. This leaves a residue the ants are attracted to as they travel. Once they come into contact with other ants, the residue is transmitted throughout the colony, leading to total eradication of the ant’s nest. The best part though, is that the chemical spray is made from completely organic materials derived from the Chrysanthemum flower and therefore completely safe for the environment and kids or pets in the home.

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